Future Prayers

internet / time-based media project for Judy Chicago's Envisioning the Future residency project


Approx. 20 minutes (time-based motion graphics)

In this internet-based project I sent out a request for e-mail responses that contained people’s prayers, meditations, energies and thoughts in regard to the future.  These e-mail responses were then organized in conjunction with photos taken throughout my travels that show the diversity of sacred experience cross-culturally.  The simultaneous display of the e-mails and photos via time based motion graphics juxtaposes rational discourse with silent observation. This is meant to generate a range of responses, from serenity to frustration, based on the viewer’s relationship with his/her inner being and their desire for control through categorization/labeling.

The word “pray”, “thought” or “meditation” is simply that – a word.  The act is what carries resonance.  The movement of energy through mind and its ability to effect personal and/or communal change is what this project addresses.  This is something that all people do – across cultures – above and beyond what it is labeled.  By questioning, disrupting and relating “eastern”, “western”, “indigenous” and “contemporary” perceptions of power, rationality, non-verbal communication, mental silence, joy, and suffering, our inner self becomes less of a stranger, and the unknown less of a threat.  The more we dis-empower labels – intellectual, spiritual and material – the greater potential we have for fulfillment and balance.