Cosmic Sheness

photo/collage series

Cosmic She-ness

Cosmic She-ness is a photo/collage series of works that engage the intertextuality of concepts of Ashé, Shakti, Ch’i, The Holy Ghost, Prana, and life force energy. The work explores the relationship between spiritual agency and the liberation of thought embodied in concepts of female divinity from around the world. Goddesses in this work are understood to act as representatives of the focus of the human mind, while icons allow a shorthand method of talking about ability, power and agency. The titles of the works offer clues to each works philosophical origins and intersections.

Image List 

1) Grace’s Syzygy (A goddess is born nightclubbin’ / zig zag zig)

2) Kali in PG (Divine Shakti)

3) kamakala dhyana or meditations on the art of love (Buddha copulating with the female source of his wisdom and power under the sun, moon, and stars)

4) I and I meditation the original vibration (Reasoning with Kuan Yin and Mary Jane)

5) Fruits of a Virgin

6) 5th/6th house playful sexuality intentional eroticism 

7) Maat, Purity of Thought (Society)  

8) Lakshmi Luck (snake eyes)

9) Master the Mind, Mastermind, Harriet Tubman or The Zen of Picking Cotton

10) The B-girl in me

11) Lakshmi Luck (monsoon)

12) Maat, Dominion Over All (Night Flight to Venus / Yo Mama’s Flag)